Sailsconf 2021 Schedule

Day One
15:00 PMOpening Remarks
15:30 PMKeynote: The voyage of Sails
Mike McNeil - Creator of Sails.js
16:30 PMThe Blank Slate Gap and Sails
Noah Talerman - Product, Fleet Device Management

Sails, by providing a shape of the output, motivates developers (creators) of many levels of experience to transform ideas into actual software (bridge the blank slate gap). This is important because more time/energy is spent iterating on the solution (the output/actual software) rather than the means to get there (the implementation details)
17: 30 PMBreak
17:45 PMAn RBAC2 approach with Sails
Luis Lobo - Senior Director, Twenty20
Luke Heath - Partner, Heath Software
19: 50 PMClosing remarks for Day one
Day Two
15:00 PMOpening Remarks
15:30 PMKeynote: Building fast for an impatient market
Ezra Olubi- CTO and Co-founder, Paystack
16:30 PMBuilding realtime DMs with Sails
Rachael McNeil- Lead Maintainer, Sails.js
17: 30 PMBreak
17:45 PMChristian van der Henst
Christian van der Henst - Co-founder, Platzi
18:45 PMFinding a lost song with Node.js & async iterators
Luciano Mammino - Senior Architect, Four Theorem

Did you ever get that feeling when a random song pops into your brain and you can't get rid of it? Well, that happened to me recently and I couldn't even remember the title of the damn song! In this talk, I want to share with you the story of how I was able to recover the details of the song by navigating some music-related APIs using JavaScript, Node.js and the magic of async iterators!
19: 50 PMClosing remarks for Day Two
Day Three
15:00 PMOpening Remarks
15:30 PMKeynote: From a passion project to 15M+ users: the Postman story
Ankit Sobti- CTO and Co-founder, Postman

Learn how the Postman team turned a passion project into a platform for 15M+ users. Ankit Sobti, the co-founder and CTO of Postman, will talk about the early days of Postman. From identifying a pain point in the development community, to engineering a wildly successful product.

How did he find people who believed in his idea and convince them to work with Postman? What did the early team do that had the biggest impact on their success? And if he had to go back and do it all over again, what would he do differently? For anyone with their own passion project, this is the Postman story.
16:30 PMFull-Stack Type-Safe Node.js
Hassan El Mghari- Software Engineer

With TypeScript and GraphQL, developers now can add strong typing to their front-end and back-end code. Both improve user experience (preventing runtime errors) and developer experience (giving early warnings). In this talk, we'll dive into why and how you'd want to use TypeScript, GraphQL, and Node together.
17: 30 PMBreak
17:45 PMThe Power of finding the right mentor
Anindita Dey - Software Development Manager, Amazon
18:45 PMKeep betting on Sails
Kelvin Omereshone - CEO and Founder, The Sailscasts Company
19:45 PMQ and A
20: 50 PMFinal closing remark and Discord after party